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Oct 23, 2023

Skyblock Reset [Season 2]

Hi everyone, our Skyblock server is finally resetting! This post will go into detail about what is resetting and what changes are being made.

When will the server be resetting?

The server will be unwhitelisted on October 28th, 2023 at 4 PM EST. Click here for a countdown.

What is being reset?

  • All player inventories
  • All player ender chests
  • All auction house items
  • All islands & island statistics
  • Money & Gems

What is being added/changed?

Server Version

With texture packs being introduced, we are upgrading our Skyblock server to 1.18.2, meaning all items from 1.8.9 to 1.18.2 can be used. Alongside this, we are removing support for versions 1.8.9 to 1.12.2 on Skyblock only.

Texture Pack

We have added custom textures to make the player's experience a bit more enjoyable. You will find items like gems, wands, and other items with these custom textures.

New Skyblock Core

We have upgraded our Skyblock's core to a much better system with new features and fixed issues we were having with our old core.

Daily Rewards

Our Daily Rewards system has also been upgraded! This was rolled out late during Season 1 since the old system was that bad. Instead of getting a week's worth of rewards, we have changed it to a month. You can get rewards like money, gems, fly time, kits, and keys.

Flight Timer

With the new skyblock core being added, fly is no longer an available upgrade. As you may notice we do not sell or give any purchasable rank access to /fly. A flight timer has been introduced to combat what most servers offer as a P2W item. You can earn Flight time by winning it from the vote crate, claiming it as a daily reward, and playing for a period of time. You can toggle your flight with the /tfly or /tf command. You can see your flight time on the scoreboard whenever you use it, but you can always check it with the /tfly time command.


Quests have gotten a massive overhaul. Instead of finding quest NPCs and running back and forth to do it, quests are more simplified. Quests will be active all the time, think of them as mini achievements. With each quest you complete, you will revive money and move to the next stage of that quest. You can find your quest book with /quest command. Happy questing!


Events have been reworked and four NEW events have been added.

Sumo and KOTH will be released later in the season.

Luna Events:

Bloodmoon: This event has been reworked. The same concept from last season is applied but now during a bloodmoon, monsters will drop ore blocks upon death, a hoard will spawn randomly at a player, and dying will result in the complete deletion of items and XP you may had. (This may be removed.)

(NEW) Waterdrop: Jump into the water below with rounds getting harder and harder.

Maniac Miner: The server will either receive haste or mining fatigue for 30 minutes.

Astro Events:

Loot Drop: A chest will spawn randomly a five different locations in the PVP zone. The loot can consist of ore blocks, money, kits, keys, gems, and weapons.

(NEW) Sumo: Try and knock your opponent off the platform to win.

Mine Rush: A lucky mine will open and users will have 5 minutes to mine lucky blocks. Rewards could be ore blocks, money, keys, and gems.

Titan Events:

Stock Shop: Once active, prices in /shop will be either inflated or deflated.

(NEW) King of the Hill: Be the one to capture the hill the longest.

(NEW) Boss Battle: Fight a boss and be the one with the most damage or the final blow to receive a reward. A random boss will spawn underneath spawn each time this event is activated.

Enchantment Book Shop Category

We have introduced an enchantment book shop category in /shop. Enchantment books will rotate every day with new books. Books come in a rarity of common, uncommon, rare, epic, ancient, legendary, and mythic.